# Tools

This collection gives you an overview about the tools we use during development.

# IDEs

# Idea - Java Development

For Java we recommend to use the Jetbrain IntelliJ IDE (Idea) with the following setting modifications:

  • Enable the Auto-Import feature in IntelliJ for inner classes. This is especially useful to get a clearer overview when using our openbase type library.
    • To do so, go to Settings Editor > Code Style > Java switch to the Imports Tab and select the Insert imports for inner classes checkbox.

# Artifact Deployment

# Java

All projects are deployed with maven by using the group id <groupId>org.openbase</groupId>. The travis build jobs taking care of deploying our java artifact to the central maven repositories.

# Javascript

Our javascript are currently manually deployed to the npm repository. Make sure our project id starts with @openbase/ associate the artifact with our organization.

# Project Management and Issue Tracker

In general we are using Github to manage our projects and to organize our issues. To access our issue board, we recommend to install ZenHub as browser plugin. This highly improves the issue overview and is free to use for open source projects. Once installed, a new tab in the github repository view is added which links to the repository related board. The BCO issue board for example can be accessed via https://www.github.com/openbase/bco.dal#zenhub

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